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Sureshot Handbow

Sureshot Handbow

  • £1200
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- The Petron Sureshot Handbow is the "pistol grip" version of the Sureshot Crossbow.
- It looks and feels like a real Handbow, but shoots super safe sucker darts.

- Ideal for the younger shooters but quite at home with all generations.
- New safety trigger ensures bow can only shoot when loaded with a Petron sucker dart.
- With a front and rear sight, this bow is remarkably accurate.
- It is made from very strong plastic with a spring steel prod, yet is light weight.

- Equally suited for shooting indoors and outdoors.
- Very easy and quick to assemble with one fixing screw to secure the prod into place.
- Supplied with three Sureshot sucker darts.
     - Additional spare darts are also available as item 162/7
     - Approx. 31 cm in length
- For ages 6 years and over
- EN71 and ASTM certified
- Spares pack available as item 162/SPHB

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