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Adipower Kakari

Adipower Kakari

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Great strength for the tight-five, the adipower Kakari 3.0 Wide Fit SG Rugby Boots bring plenty of grip and stability for scrum dominance.

Designed for those who require a wider fit in their boots, the Kakari features a Bravo upper material for a strong light and secure feel. By including a traditional central lacing system, this further enhances the overall fit and provides the added confidence to perform when you need it most. The subtle 5mm heel raise also allows for a dynamic foot position to aid scrummaging.

Grip and stability is assured with the 6 & 2 stud configuration and an extra traction lug is applied for the ultimate in traction. The studs themselves are removable to suit various conditions and give you the confidence to take on any opponents.

Compatible with the adidas miCoach chip which fits discreetly beneath the inner sole, not included with this boot but available to purchase separately, your boots now have the ability to report back on all your progress in training and match environments. Time, speed, distance, speed zones and number of sprints are all recorded and can be monitored by simply connecting the miCoach chip to your iPod/iPhone.

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